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The Coffee Room

Grab a Cup of your Favorite Beverage and make yourself comfortable while settling in for a bit of light reading....

Coffee Magic

Here I'll tell stories of my life and my experience.

My circle is small but you may want to know some of the characters in my story.

Let me introduce them:

The Renaissance Man - my husband, best friend and partner in crime - He does EVERYTHING and he makes me laugh, so I keep him around

Fast Eddy - my oldest son, He's a talker. As a kid we'd joke that he'd grow up to be a used-car salesman so when he was 19 he walked into a showroom and got the job. He's really good at it.

The Princess - my oldest daughter. She's a Pisces, which means she FEELS everything and never learned to suppress it - *Its a good thing, trying at times, but good* When she's not drowning in a puddle of tears, she's a very happy bubbly social butterfly. She's also a licensed Beautician working at a high end salon.

Peter Pan - my middle son. Like his moniker suggests, he doesn't ever want to grow up. He's going to college to be a video game designer....his version of compromise, He's my Cancer-baby, He's sweet, caring and compassionate. He'll make a really great dad someday.

Ruby Gloom- aka Dark and Twisty - my youngest daughter. She's a Scorpio with an edgy sharpness about her and a penchant for skulls and black clothing. She's smart and quick-witted, fluent in sarcasm and has a mean side that's better to avoid.

The Padawan - my youngest son, surprise baby and sometimes referred to as Dennis the Menace. As an infant and a toddler, I swear he 'talked' to us telepathically and even used the Jedi mind trick to get what he wanted. He's insatiably curious, doesn't believe the rules apply to him and struggles with boundaries. However, he loves hugs. 

Goddess Lessons - 

Here, you'll find stories about the Goddesses, the lessons they share and the hope they bring us. I'm drawn to the Feminine aspects of divinity. I feel like each Goddess is just a facet of a Larger Divine source, showing us truth in a way that we can embrace.

I also feel like Spirituality is very personal and subjective and just because what someone experiences isn't written down in ancient texts, doesn't mean it's not real or valuable. 

Magical Apothecary:

I have a 'thing' for plants and gardens. I love the magic of nature and the geekiness of collecting information about all the herbs and concoctions that Magical People use to bring about beneficial changes. 

Kitchen Witchery:

My collection DIY recipes and instructions for making magical brews, potions, and other helpful concoctions. I include food recipes here because food is medicine and medicine is magic. 


13 Goals of a Witch:

Magical people have a code of ethics, here you'll find musings on what it means to live a magical life. I include my own personal thoughts on life as well as Wheel of the Year Celebrations, self - care practices and possibly some life experiences. 

A Witch's Tool Chest:

Every profession has their own tools, language and ways of living in this world. Witches are no different. Tools can be both physical items for ritual, divination and energy work or abstract ideas such as meditations and manifestation techniques. I share the tools I use.

Writing the Wisdom of your Soul:

Here you can find my responses to a Creative Writing challenge based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, written and hosted by my friend and fellow Goddess, Lyn Thurman. This whole series was amazing and I'm so happy I played along.

If you're interested in the prompts, you can get a copy over at Lyn's. If you write your own responses, let me know! I would love to read it!


Books, Thoughts and Writing Prompts:

I read. I read a lot. I read everything from fiction to academia. I read e-books and real books, articles and blog posts.  Here I'll share some of the writings I've read and/or the prompts that ignite a creative response.



*I share links to other sites relevant to my writing.  Some are affiliate link and any proceeds acquired help support this site - however, I only link to products that I personally have used and love. These are for your convienence, I will always encourage you to shop around and find the best deal. I do.*